Romy Eijckmans

Romy Eijckmans
Living and working in Belgium

Romy Eijckmans received her MFA from Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design in 2012.
While living and working in Belgium, she travels extensively for making work. Her photography has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Belgium and internationally
and is featured in various online platforms.

Although trained as a photographer, her artistic practice transcends the typical approach of the photographic medium. An intensive investigation into light and the wondrous phenomena of our natural environment were always key to her constantly developing body of work. Although in more recent projects, her focus is shifting on more social related topics, such as migration and land ownership.

Her a-typical method of working shows a great interest in the potential for experimentation that the medium offers. She often works with camera-less photography and creates most of her prints in the darkroom. These offer her the possibility to deal directly with the material itself, establishing a more immediate
relationship with her work.

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