Romy Eijckmans

Eclipse, 2012 unique chromogenic print 30 x 40 cm

Reflections, 2012

In an age of instantly created, readily disposable snapshots, this series provides a research towards the handcrafted photograph.

Within my education in visual arts there has always been a certain longing towards the early days of photography. If you go back to the dawn of photography, the very first photographic images were formed without the use of a camera. These prints, almost nonexistent, little more than a stain of light on paper, hold for me a privileged position. Not because they came first, but because they came before a photographic seeing was codified, before a consensus had developed about what a photograph should look like and what it ought to present.

Today I am rediscovering camera-less techniques and will attempt to push back the boundaries of camera-less photography. By doing so, my aim is not simply to duplicate what the eye sees. The imagery will tend towards a certain abstraction, away from the representative character, which this medium seems inextricably linked to. The title "Reflections" alludes to this general idea of what a photograph 'should' present. It also refers to what these images really are, reflections of light and color on photographic paper.

As an artist I have a great interest in the potential for experimentation that the medium offers. Moreover, by exploring camera-less photography I can deal directly with the material itself, establishing a more immediate relationship between the work and myself. This results in images that evoke the interplay of light and shadow, where the tension between the original and reproduction, the object and its physical trace will become visible.